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FAQ: KVTA’s Beauty and the Beast Auditions

With auditions for KVTA’s Beast and the Beast only a few weeks away, we’ve been receiving many questions from families interested in the auditions. So, in order to help get you the answers more quickly we’ve put together a list of the most common questions we’ve received:

1. My child is in the 9-17 age group. He/she doesn’t really have dance experience. Does he/she have to learn the dance for their age group?

No, if they feel more comfortable they can learn the other one.

2. Are there any roles that don’t dance? There are a few that may not dance, or not dance very much (LeFou, Gaston, the Beast, D’Arque, Maurice, the narrators).

3. Can girls be considered for roles that are typically played by males, like LeFou and Chip? Some rolls can possibly be male or female. Our goal is to cast the best person for the part. We encourage everyone to bring their best character.

4. What time will rehearsals be? Any Monday-Thursday rehearsal will be 6-8 pm, Friday rehearsals will be 6-9 (most of the time). Of course as we get closer to show dates rehearsals may be a little longer.

5. Do you rehearse on Saturdays? Typically no. However, we will build in a Saturday or two as a cushion just in case we need extra rehearsal.

Audition information can be found here.

Any other questions please email the director at

Hope to see you at auditions!


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