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We all have passions and hidden talents we wish we could share with our doting community. We gain new interests as makeup and hair trends buzz social media, DIY projects are pinned on Pinterest, and design shows are streamed on Netflix. Even so, we may find ourselves questioning where we can share our skills and abilities.

Kankakee Valley Theatre Association (KVTA) is a family that encourages you to share the gifts you were blessed with. There are endless routes that allow you to express yourself in ways that do not necessarily include being in the spotlight center stage. Each production is unique and leaves its own footprint for not only its patrons, but for those who have left their heart within the smallest paint stroke.

Our organization thrives by those willing to share their talents with us, talents that we didn't even know we needed. The creativity that pours out of our volunteers is utterly amazing, and we learn something new and exciting from them with each production. KVTA would love to learn and grow with you as well, and you are encouraged to explore the opportunity to volunteer with us. If you are a seamstress or have a keen eye for designing ensembles, then KVTA Studios is suited for you. There are multiple rooms with gorgeous costumes, floor to ceiling fabric, and accessories such as buttons, elastic, and zippers. You are welcome to collaborate with other costumers while at the studios or take your creation home and return it by tech-week.

We are also always seeking stylists to help tie the final look together. Most productions require specialty hair and makeup, which are created by either the cast members or the hair and makeup team. This is the opportune time to utilize your hair and makeup skills! Each stylist works with the hair chair and makeup chair to create the perfect look for each cast member. This position is also low commitment, because your skills are mainly utilized during tech-week and performance dates.

The volunteer opportunities do not end with bedazzled costumes, glistening makeup, and banana curls. Where would our dapper cast members be without their scenic backdrops, spiral stair cases, and moving set pieces? Our set builders never cease to amaze us with their ability to create fireplaces out of foam board, jukeboxes out of drain covers, and rolling staircases that illuminate. If you are a seasoned builder, or just seek the thrill of using power tools, then the set shop is your haven. We welcome those with the skill to build, paint, and even deconstruct.

Our wonderful set builders are also accompanied by our prop shop. The KVTA Studios is compromised of phenomenal rooms that include small set pieces and antique furniture. We encourage you to collaborate with our prop shop if you have a vision for dressing up a space or crafting innovative props.

The volunteer opportunities still do not end, we consistently welcome new volunteers as ushers for both school and public performances. Individuals also attest to the fun of selling split the pot tickets before public performances. Alas, the set crew is always expanding. The set crew helps move set pieces on and off stage throughout performances.

Kankakee Valley Theatre Association is an open book that will enthrall you to learn more. With each performance we gain a trait that builds and develops into a masterful skill. As we grow with time, KVTA teaches new volunteers so they too can grow and feel confident in their abilities. The volunteer opportunities are endless, and we invite you to begin your journey as a volunteer with our organization.

For more information on ways to be an active volunteer with KVTA, please visit the website at and download the volunteer interest form.

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