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Welcome the Unknown: The Addams Family

The Addams Family musical may not be widely known, but most people are familiar with the TV show or movies. Either way, you should welcome the unknown. We are so lucky to have quality theatre in our own community.

When Tyler McMahon (director of the production) asked me to assist with sound two weeks ago, I hesitated for a beat. Full disclosure: I hadn’t ever done it. In a split second I thought of all the many ways I could totally screw it up and he’d want to throw me on the heretic’s chair, but I accepted the challenge. I was pulled in a new direction.

With script in hand, I followed along at rehearsals. I rarely looked up at the actors because I was making notes for their entrances and exits. As a result, the storyline, jokes, quips, mannerisms, and silliness went right over my head. I had a task to master, after all.

The first night with full sound I was finally able to give my attention to the performances. Before the curtain even opened I chuckled. Why? Well, I may be crazier than you, but just trust me that it will alert your funny bone. You need to see it for yourself.

The chuckles became full blown belly laughs complete with a snort or four. Grandmama is a hoot. Pugsley is mischievous and devious. Cousin Itt is full of wisdom. Fester is over the moon in love. Wednesday just wants to be normal much to the dismay of her mother Morticia. And Gomez, poor Gomez is trapped between two loves… Say what? The world’s greatest love story of Morticia and Gomez is frayed? You’ll just have to come see the show to find out what could possibly force him to end up sleeping on the couch. Oh, and Lurch! He’s a showstopper, let me tell ya. Thing single handedly (heh, get it?) adds his own je ne sais quoi to the mix.

Each of the 21 cast members adds to the kooky and ooky storyline. With every performance they deliver something to make me howl with laughter.

Halloween is just around the corner. Get in the spirit with The Addams Family musical.

The Addams Family at Kankakee Junior High School, 2250 E Crestwood St, Kankakee, IL. Call 815-935-8510 for questions. Visit for tickets.

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