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Waiting in the Wings: The Addams Family

Well, it’s that time again, folks.

For those of you who aren’t complete theatre nerds like the rest of us, the beginning of August usually means one thing: the start of a brand-new theatre season. This is typically true for both community and professional organizations. Whether you love performing under the bright lights, singing along from the audience, or working backstage the new-theatre season is fraught with endless possibilities. The buzz always starts early, often before the new shows are even announced. Anticipation is high to see what productions are “waiting in the wings”, who will be in them, and all the stellar performances that will follow casting.

I personally am very excited about KVTA’s new season. The Addams Family, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Little Mermaid each offer a little something for everyone. Plus, we have Dear Edwina, Jr. and Madagascar, Jr., two youth productions that are sure to be a blast for our YPT kids. I’m also really excited about writing this new blog, PlayWrite! I love writing and I love theatre, so what better way to combine my creative passions?

As we get ready to begin our new season, KVTA is anxiously awaiting auditions for our first show, The Addams Family! This hilarious show honors the best parts of the original television series while adding some new flair and, of course, musical numbers. I have seen this show produced once before and I am so excited to see KVTA’s production! In my pre-show state of elation, I decided to interview The Addams Family Director, Tyler McMahon, to get his thoughts about the show and the upcoming auditions. Here’s what Tyler has to say about the upcoming production:

Why did you want to direct The Addams Family?

“The Addams Family has always been a subversive cartoon. They take the look of the ‘traditional’ family and flip it on its ear. They turn them to a macabre group that loves all things black, spooky and creepy, but at their heart they are a loving family that would go to the ends of the Earth for each other.”

What are some similarities/differences between the original TV series and the stage version?

“The stage version follows the look and feel of the original comics Charles Addams created for the New Yorker Magazine. In that sense, this Addams Family is not as dark as the movies from the 90's. It's more tongue-in-cheek.

Do you have any favorite characters? Are there any characters that you relate to in particular?

“In this story, I think everyone will be able to relate to Gomez in his struggle to help his daughter, Wednesday, keep her secret from Morticia but also honor his wife who he doesn't keep secrets from.”

If you could play any role in the show, which role would you choose?

“I think many people think I should play Uncle Fester… I would agree, but I think the challenge of Gomez would be fun. He has to be charming, kooky, but at the same time grounded in reality as a father and husband. And his song Happy/Sad is a great song for any parent to explain the struggle of being a parent.”

Do you have any advice for auditioners?

“Do your research on these characters and don't be afraid to be silly. That was the point that Charles Addams was making when he created this family. They don't look or act like the [traditional] family we think of but they are stronger than most.”

Why should people audition for The Addams Family?

“This is going to be a fun, silly show. Lots of good music, a funny story, and great dancing.”

So, there you have it. If you’re looking to have a great time, audition for The Addams Family! It’s a musical unlike any other. Auditions are next week on the evenings of Tuesday, August 8th and Wednesday, August 9th. Callbacks are on Friday, August 11th for those auditioners that are called back. Audition information is available at and on our Facebook page at We hope to see your creepy, kooky selves at auditions!

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