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Disney's The Little Mermaid

Pictured: Cast of KVTA's Disney's The Little Mermaid

Photo Credit: Karl's Kreative Fotos

The cast, staff, and crew of KVTA’s the Little Mermaid have a million reasons for you to come see the show this weekend! You’ll appreciate their creative responses, clever humor, and heartfelt sentiment throughout this post. Please make plans to join them this weekend at Lincoln Cultural Center for our final two performances of The Little Mermaid!

Saturday, May 5 at 7 p.m. / Sunday, May 6 at 2 p.m.

The doors will open one hour before the show for ticket sales. You may also purchase your tickets online at:

The Little Mermaid is special as it is about family and more importantly about the love of family. Sometimes out of love for our "family" member we think we know what is best for them without truly listening to their heart and their dreams. This musical reminds us to listen, communicate, not take for granted what we have right in front of us, not to judge someone by the actions of others, and that it does take the help of a village or a world under the sea to raise a child. Whatever your "family" looks like to you, they are the ones who will always be there to support you. Just like in this musical it took the talented Mermaid family to come together to produce a magical KVTA production. People should come enjoy this production because it will put a smile on their face and a warmth in their heart. I hope people come see the talented characters, colorful costumes, amazing sets, creative hair and make-up, fun dances, and beautiful songs with someone they love from their "family" and make an unforgettable memory! – Debbie Emling

Take if from a gull who knows, The Little Mermaid is a brilliant Disney musical! You will enjoy every minute of this nautical journey from Les Poissons to Fathoms Below where we will meet the Daughters of Triton and a few Poor Unfortunate Souls. If Only you would join us to Kiss the Girl, then we could sell out our auditorium and that would be Beyond My Wildest Dreams! – Courtney Casteel

You don’t want to miss this visually stunning, family-friendly, high energy musical. Get your tickets today. - Carrie Chaparro

The talent, creativity, and dynamic energy that this show displays is contagious and should not be missed!!! – Danielle Cooper

It’s a play that all generations can enjoy and experience together. For adults, it triggers memories of childhood...for kids, it’s the magic of Disney coming to life right in front of them. For grandparents, it’s that moment of connection with their family and seeing life through younger eyes...priceless! - Robin Tober-Betourne

With such a talented cast from vocals to acting to dancing you will enjoy this story as the cast brings it to life on stage. You will be entertained throughout. - Kevin Emling

The Little Mermaid is a classic tale of love and acceptance that speaks to all generations. – Deborah Frisse

I have one word about this entire production of The Little Mermaid....Fantabulous! - MaryKay Honel

If you want to go see a show to see talented singing and dancing from some amazing talent in our community... it qualifies. If you want to go see a show for great sets and effects... it qualifies. Just an all-around fun show. This one is a must see! – Jim Kravat

The musical has all the nostalgia of the original Disney film come to life, plus many more new songs. And it’s not just a kids’ show... They’ve added a lot of grown up humor as well. This is a show is for all ages, from the young to the young at heart. – Jeff Schneider

You should come see this show because it is beautifully mesmerizing from the lights, to the costumes, to the set and the amazingly talented cast!"- Andrea Sterk

Come see all the different talents/jobs it takes to put on a show! So many talents besides the actors on stage! - Beth Sutter

The actors make the characters come to life on the stage. You will become part of their world as you watch Ariel’s journey to find love. Make sure you get tickets to see the show everyone will be talking about. - Kathy Young

People should come to the show because it is a great experience and it’s really cool. if you have kids I suggest you bring them because they will love it. - Roan Cannon

Disney's animated hit The Little Mermaid remains a favorite throughout the ages - especially for those of us who grew up in the 80's and 90's! Come and reminisce with us, hear your favorite songs, and see your favorite characters swim from the screen to the stage! – Deena Cassady

People should come see the show because it is fun and exciting and you get to see a Disney classic come to life on stage! Kids will get to enjoy and see the magic of it all and it will brighten your day! - Jordan Emling

It’s full of vibrant colors, fun music, and a light-heartedness that will leave everyone smiling. – Tara Franc

People should come to see this show because of the raw emotion the music brings out. The lyrics, set design, and dedication of the cast are what makes this show great! – Nate Haug

Besides it being a well-known show, we put in a lot of work to make it come to life. Life is the bubbles under the sea, so you won’t want to miss out. – Jazmine Hoskins

Submerse yourself into a world of wonder! – Kayla Johnson

You don’t want to miss this Mermazing show, you’ll squawk about it for days! - Reagan Kaner

The unique costumes, lighting, and staging mixed with the classic Disney nostalgia make it an event the whole family can enjoy. - Chris LeFevre

The Little Mermaid is the! The singing is awesome, the acting is amazing, and the dancing is fabulous! You won’t be disappointed! It is an awesome show! – Gianna Magruder

People should see the show because it’s very bright, colorful, and fun. It has the memorable songs from the movie, but a few new ones that the audience is sure to love! Plus, Mermaids! – Allie Payne

Theatre is a way to build people's spirits up. If you have been having a rough week, and you need to get away from reality for a couple of hours, you should definitely come see The Little Mermaid. So much hard work and dedication has been put into this show and we hope everyone enjoys the experience as much as we do. – Erin Phillips

It’s a Disney classic that people will love. It tells the story of a young girl who goes on her search to find her happiness only to discover that she had everything she needed all along no matter where she was. It’s about family, friends, and finding your own place in the world and everyone can relate to it in some way. – Janine Rojo

Feel the magic of Disney as sparkling mermaids, luminescent sea creatures, and charming humans take you on a voyage between ocean and sky. – Lauren Rybolt

Sometimes, we all can feel like “a fish out of water”, trying to find a place or community where we truly belong. For anyone who has yearned for something different, some place beyond the familiar horizon, come laugh with us, play with us, and become part of our world! We hope to see you there! – Adam Schindler

It’s going to be full of color and excitement and it’s going to be awesome! – Leah Schindler

Why come to the production of the Little Mermaid? I challenge any single father or dad out there that might have a little girl in his life, to come to this show and not be able to relate or see what the future holds having a daughter. It’s got it ALL! The worry you’ll feel, how much you actually care, and what you would do to protect your baby girl at any cost! But, in the end... it’s the love that a father has for his daughter has no limits to the price he would pay to protect her! Make it a Daddy/Daughter Day because you won’t want to miss The Little Mermaid! - Dave Smith (Single dad)

Come see what happens when you cross tons of glitter, a giant crustacean, and a turkey baster! –

Alexandra Sterk

People should come see the show because it is fun and colorful. The music is beautiful, and the characters are relatable. It is a hopeful, upbeat show that lets you escape into a world of mermaids and magic. – Anna Van Hoff

It's been such a fun experience getting to bring my one of my favorite movies from childhood onto the stage, and in musical form! The costumes and set alone are to die for and when you add in the immense talent of our wonderful cast, the end result is a must-see production that you "positoovely" don't want to miss! – Amanda Winkle

The Little Mermaid is fun for the whole family. Children will adore the bright colors, catchy songs, and great costumes, especially the flamingos! Parents and adults alike will get lost in this classic story and may even shed a tear from the warming feel of the bond of family. – Chris Wisniewski

Poster Credit: Josh Hedding-Hess

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