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Director: Paula Sutter

Assistant Director: Beth Sutter

Vocal Director: Ben Kunz

Choreographer: Lily Verhoff

Now one of the most performed shows in America, Seussical is a fantastical, magical, musical extravaganza! Tony winners, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty (Lucky Stiff, My Favorite Year, Once on This Island, Ragtime), have lovingly brought to life all of our favorite Dr. Seuss characters, including Horton the Elephant, The Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, lazy Mayzie and a little boy with a big imagination – Jojo. The colorful characters transport us from the Jungle of Nool to the Circus McGurkus to the invisible world of the Whos.

The Cat in the Hat tells the story of Horton, an elephant who discovers a speck of dust that contains the Whos, including Jojo, a Who child sent off to military school for thinking too many "thinks." Horton faces a double challenge: not only must he protect the Whos from a world of naysayers and dangers, but he must guard an abandoned egg, left in his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird. Although Horton faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping and a trial, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him. Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community are challenged and emerge triumphant. Seussical is fun for the whole family! We are looking for people of all shapes, ages, sizes, genders, and ethnicities to bring this show to life! We welcome performers of all ages to audition (minimum age of 6 by April 20, 2024).


All those cast in SEUSSICAL are required to become a KVTA member at some level (minimum $28) by a certain date during the rehearsal process. One parent being a member of KVTA does cover the membership requirement for all family members 17 and under. Subscriptions paid during the 2023-2024 season will also fulfill this requirement. Failure to complete this requirement will result in the cast member being removed from the production.


Thank you to all who auditioned for Seussical.  We had some very tough decisions.  We had so much talent and everyone did such a good job.  Sadly, we couldn’t cast everyone!  If you didn’t get cast, please consider auditioning next season for one of our shows.  This summer, we also have a theatre camp for kids (June) and a wonderful show for adults to audition for (July).  Check our website ( for information on both of these and to get information about our next season.

• Please email Paula at ASAP but no later than 6 p.m. on Monday, January 29, to ACCEPT or DECLINE your part. 
• The mandatory cast meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 6, beginning at 6:30 p.m. It will be held at the KVTA Studios, 1 Stuart Drive, Kankakee.  A parent/guardian of cast members 17 and younger must attend the meeting, as well.  
• Costume fittings will be on Tuesday, February 6, and Wednesday, February 7.  Please sign up right away for your initial costume appointment.
• Click here to schedule your costume fitting: 


The Amazing Cast of SEUSSICAL the MUSICAL

Cat in the Hat - Jarrid Norden
JoJo - Emma Froeschle
Horton - Tyler McMahon
Gertrude - McKenzey Testerman
Mayzie - Aisa Rogers
Mr. Mayor - Bruce Heyen
Mrs. Mayor - Sara Marion
Sour Kangaroo - Jordyn Clark
Roo 1 - Hannah Fish
Roo 2 - London Schore
General Schmitz - Dana James
Grinch - Dalton Sala
Cindy Lou Who - Aliza Zwirkoski
Max the Dog - Ashton Lamont
Thing 1 - Zoey Christensen
Thing 2 - Daniel Marion

Aubrey LaLuna

Angel Mirkov

Colby Ogibovic
Abby Purcell
Rachel Tobey-Barrows

Olivia Zwirkoski



Paul Bishir

Lamari Brock

Caspian Colbert

Hunter Lockhart

Kane Rushing

Grant Sparenberg

Scott Christensen

Caitlin Fletcher

Ben Keller

Stacy Kothe

Crystal Phillips-Pierce

Richelle Prokop

Isabella Schnitzler

Tracy Toepfer

Nick Troendle

Adam Zwirkoski


(Parts still to be assigned include: Additional Whos, Circus Performers, Hunches, Hunters, Fish, Jungle Ensemble, Yertle the Turtle, Vlad Vladkoff)

Lilly Adkins

Geselle Fuentes

Sandra Gray

Addison Haag

Abigail James

William Keller

Kaitlyn Kenney

Kylee Kothe

Mary Alice Kunz

Avery Lamont

Mackenzie Leveque
Macelyn Longtin 

Brooklynn McGill
Maria Mendez

Amelia Nugent
Cruz Pierce
Cole Pilbeam
Michaela Richey

Khya Rushing
Kara Settle
Lucy Toepfer
Aidan Troendle
Anneliese Troendle 

Balian Troendle
Alayna Valdivia
lliana Zwirkoski


  • All cast members (and a parent or guardian of all cast members 17 and younger) must attend a mandatory meeting on Tuesday, February 6 at the KVTA Studios at 6:30 p.m.

  • After accepting their role, cast members should immediately schedule a costume appointment (appointment link will be included with the cast list).

  • We will be rehearsing on weekends as well as during the week. 

  • Children that are cast in Finding Nemo JR are welcome to audition for Seussical. However, we will have to compare each individual's Nemo rehearsals to Seussical rehearsals. Our rehearsals overlap by 4 weeks. 

  • We have put the first two weeks of rehearsals on the conflict calendar. A more specific schedule will be done once we cast and see cast conflicts.

  • We will be rehearsing during spring break.

  • All cast members are required to complete 10 hours of volunteer time.

  • Auditioners should read through the character descriptions for info on casting.

All auditioners must be 6 by April 20, 2024. Proof of age may be requested. All auditioners must complete an audition form, a conflict calendar, and sign KVTA's policies acknowledgement form. Cast members are required to provide the following personal items: shoes and socks. In addition, cast members may be asked to supply other items such as: leotards, tights, etc. Optional expenses include: the purchase of show recording, a picture CD, apparel items, production party attendance, cast/staff chill times, etc. PLEASE NOTE: Child care is not available during rehearsals and performances. Cast and staff members are not permitted to bring their children, or any additional family members, to rehearsals. All rehearsals are closed to the public unless otherwise stated.

PLEASE NOTE these additional important details regarding children and families:

  1. We will be casting children and adults in this production. However, please be advised that Seussical is a full-length (2 hour) adult show. Rehearsal times may be later and longer than a youth production.

  2. Families are welcome to audition. However, we cannot guarantee entire families will be cast together. Parents and children need to decide ahead of auditioning if they are ok if only one or two from a family get cast.

  3. Children ages 6-13 will audition separately from their parents. They must be old enough to 1) be on stage without a parent/sibling and 2) handle rehearsals that will be later than 8 pm.


April 20, 21, 27 & 28, 2024

Lincoln Cultural Center  240 Warren Ave  Kankakee IL 60901


Friday, January 26 starting at 5:30 pm / Saturday, January 27 starting at 9:30 am

Callbacks: Saturday, January 27 beginning at 2 pm

Auditions and callbacks will be held at the KVTA Studios, 1 Stuart Drive, Kankakee

Rehearsals will begin: Sunday, February 18

To complete an audition reservation, you will need to have 3 things: a completed audition form, a COMPLETE and true conflict calendar, and you must schedule an audition time.

Please print and fill out the audition form and conflict calendar BEFORE you arrive at auditions. 

If you cannot print the documents, please arrive early to fill them out before your audition time.

List ALL conflicts including weekends, including work, dance, church, youth groups, sports, school concerts, vacations, etc.

Audition Form can be downloaded here: MICROSOFT WORD   PDF

Conflict Calendar can be downloaded here (Please write in your conflicts over the tentative schedule): PDF

If you have already signed a policy acknowledgement form during our 2023-2024 Season, you do not need to sign this form again.

KVTA Policies: PDF

KVTA Policies Acknowledgement Form to be signed: PDF

All participants, on-stage or off-stage, will be required to sign KVTA's Social Media, Sexual Harassment, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policies. If said participant is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will sign for the participant. Any parent or guardian signing for their auditioner agrees to instruct and provide information to their auditioner regarding KVTA's policies. An Emergency Card and Waiver of Liability must also be completed and signed in order to participate. These forms will be distributed when you first volunteer with KVTA. If you have any questions please email:


CLICK HERE to find the character descriptions.


  • Everyone should choose one of the audition songs and one of the audition sides to perform.

  • Everyone will perform the dance (so we can see how you move).

  • Every effort should be made to learn the dance before auditions. We will take a few minutes to review the dance in each time slot, but we will not take time to teach it fully.

  • Children aged 6-12 will be asked to give us their best HURMMPF and ME TOO (with attitude).

  • Anyone age 15 and up can choose two selections to read/recite. If we have time, you will be allowed to read both.

  • There is always a possibility that some individuals may be asked to sing an additional song during their initial audition.



CLICK HERE TO ACCESS YOUR AUDITION SIDES (you can pick a character or one of the two general ones #10a and #10b)

**Please note we would like anyone auditioning for CAT to read the Cat side #1 and either of side #10


Some auditioners may be asked to attend callbacks on Saturday, January 27 beginning at 2 p.m. Being called back or not being called back does not correlate with being cast; callbacks are simply an opportunity for the Directors to see something more from you that they haven’t yet seen. Since callbacks are right after we finish initial auditions on Saturday, it is advised for you to at least become familiar with the callback music ahead of time. If you are called back, you will be asked to do cold readings and possibly additional songs that are not listed below. Please print off callback music and bring with you.


Each auditioner will perform the audition dance. The audition dance has been recorded for the auditioners to learn on their own before the auditions. We will not teach the dance at the auditions. All auditioners are expected to learn their audition dance before the audition and perform their dance without instruction at auditions.




The callback list will be posted on the KVTA website at http://www.kvta.or
g and on the KVTA Facebook page at on Saturday, January 27, after all auditions have been completed, so it could be late in the morning.


The cast list will be posted on the KVTA website at and on the KVTA Facebook page at on Saturday, January 27, after all callbacks have been completed, so it could be very late in the evening. Thank you in advance for your patience as we will have many difficult decisions to make! 


For those cast in the show, our CAST READ THRU and PARENT / GUARDIAN MEETING will be on Tuesday, February 6, at 6:30 pm at the KVTA Studios. This is a mandatory meeting.

Further questions regarding auditions, callbacks, or casting may be emailed to the Director at:

Break a leg!

Seussical Staff


Saturday, April 20 ~ 7:00 PM

Sunday, April 21 ~ 2:00 PM

Saturday, April 27 ~ 7:00 PM

Sunday, April 28 ~ 2:00 PM

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