The Beast of Gévaudan...

It was early in the summer of 1764, in the former province of Gévaudan in southern France, when a young woman, watching her livestock in the field, was attacked by an unknown creature. After several failed attempts to reach the girl, the beast was ultimately driven off by the bulls in the very herd to which she was tending. Afterwards, when recounting the harrowing incident to others in the village, she described it as a large, wolf-like creature with reddish fur, small ears, a dog-like head, and a long tail. Her story was dismissed as likely a tall tale told by an easily scared child, and at most, just a one-time incident with a stray dog or wolf… That was, until the beast claimed its first victim, a 14 year-old girl from the nearby town of Les Hubacs. Over the three years that followed, there would be over 200 attacks resulting in more than 100 deaths attributed to this beast. Soon, these attacks would come to be known collectively as “La Bête du Gévaudan”, or “The Beast of Gévaudan”.


Night falls…

Inspired by the real-life events in 18th century France, KVTA’s The Beast of Gévaudan is a hybrid of interactive theatre, historic reenactment, and gaming. Join us as we put you into the story; wander the French countryside and listen to the townsfolk as they tell their tales of the beast and its victims, learn what you must do to help them hunt down the beast, and find out what happens when The Beast of Gévaudan comes for you…

The Beast of Gévaudan event will be held at the KVTA Studios in October, 2021.

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