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Auditions for The Beast of Gévaudan have been postponed.

Please stay tuned to this web page and our social media for updates. 


Director:  Jeff Schneider 

Assistant Director: Josh Hedding-Hess



The Beast of Gévaudan is both a story and a game played out with an audience of 10 guests at a time. Set in 18th century France, guests will be guided through several outdoor vignettes, where characters from the local village will tell about their encounters with the Beast, how the attacks have affected their lives, history from the region, and ultimately learn the dark secret being kept by members of the village. 


While the story of The Beast of Gévaudan is playing out before them, guests must also solve a mystery. With gameplay based on the party game Werewolf (aka Mafia), they must figure out who within their own group are secretly werewolves, or risk becoming a victim themselves.



The time has come to sign up to audition for The Beast of Gévaudan! On behalf of the staff, we want to thank you for your interest in joining us on this unique theatre adventure. Please come to auditions prepared by having completed your online audition form and conflict calendar, and by reading and understanding the information provided below. We are looking to cast between 24-28 people from 18 years of age and older. 


Questions? Please contact the director at:



LOCATION: Outdoor space behind the KVTA Studios, 1 Stuart Dr., Kankakee, IL 60901


  • Postponed: New audition dates TBA

  • Tech – October 20-22 (Attending rehearsals is mandatory for all tech days.)

NOTE: As stated above, this event will take place OUTDOORS with the exception of registering guests in the KVTA Studios.



LOCATION: KVTA Studios, 1 Stuart Drive, Kankakee, IL 60901


  • Friday, August 21 at 7:00 PM

  • Saturday, August 22 at 3:00 PM

  • CALLBACKS Sunday, August 23 beginning at 3:00 PM

    • For anyone new to the audition process, callbacks are only for auditioners that the directors would like to see again. We will post a callback list Saturday evening after auditions. 

    • Not getting called back doesn’t exclude you from getting a part!

    • If you are called back, it is highly encouraged that you attend.

    • If for any reason you cannot make this callback date, PLEASE email the Director before your audition, or tell the board member working the check-in table at auditions.




  • We are going paperless! The link will take you to a Google Form where you can select your audition time, fill out all of your audition information, and select your calendar conflicts. You can elect to receive a copy of what you submit, but you do not need to bring them to your audition.

  • Times are currently limited to 10 auditioners per in each 30 min slot.

  • As time slots fill up, they will disappear from the form. Additional time slots may be added, as needed.

  • Early Auditions - If you cannot attend our scheduled audition dates, you may email a video audition of your monologue selection. You must email your video audition with your audition form and conflict calendar to by August 21st.

  • Conflicts will not preclude you from being considered when casting... unless you’re gone a lot!

  • Fill out the audition form by clicking here

  • PLEASE mark ALL your conflicts, including weekends, from September 1 through the performance dates. We will try to avoid weekend rehearsals, but may have to schedule one or two in order to accommodate everyone’s schedules and as we get closer to the performances.



For the initial audition, each auditioner will need to prepare a short monologue, no more than 1-2 minutes in length. Because this show is set in 18th France, a French accent is encouraged, but not required. Note: a British (RP) accent may also be substituted.


LOCATION: KVTA Studios, 1 Stuart Drive, Kankakee 

  • Cast Meeting and Read-through is Monday, August 31st at 6:30 PM

  • Rehearsals start Wednesday, Sep 2 at 6:30 PM. 

  • Rehearsals will be mostly Monday & Wednesday evenings, pending conflicts. However, everyone will NOT have to be at all of the rehearsals. 

  • The rehearsal schedule will be set once the show is cast and conflict calendars are considered.



The cast list will be posted on the KVTA website at and on the KVTA Facebook page at by Monday, August 24th.




Moderators (Dialogue) - The Moderators will act as both a character and game master through the show. They will guide the guests through the scenes as well as the gameplay portion of the event. Moderators will have some dialogue, but will also need to interact with the guests in character: 

  • Anthony De La Salette (20-40s) - Survived the attack on March 20, 1766

  • Clément Charles de L'Averdy (40s) - Finance controller of the King’s House - noble

  • Louis Phélypeaux, Count of Saint Florentin (40-60s) - State secretary of the King’s House - noble

  • Madame Fournier from Saint privat du Fau (30-50s) - Survived the attack on July 20, 1766 - noble

  • Madame Cellier from Longchamp (30-50s) - Survived the attack on August 7, 1765 - noble

  • Marie-Jeanne Vallet (20-30) - Survived the attack on August 11, 1765 - middle class


Scribes (no dialogue) - Monk-like characters, the Scribes are the assistants to the Moderators; the recordkeepers of the game. The Scribe will be at the Moderators side at all times. They are tasked with keeping track of which guest is each game character, who has died, etc. The Scribes will not have scripted lines, but will need to be able to adlib with the moderator. Actors can be male or female (18+). 


Vignette 1 (Dialogue):

  • Janne Boulet (14-18) - The first victim of the Beast. She was only 14 and was killed near the village of Les Hubacs near Langogne. This character will be haunting the woods around the event 

  • Monsieur Boulet (30s or 40s) - Father to Janne

  • Mademoiselle Boulet (30s or 40s) - Mother to Janne

  • Witch (18+) - Old Hag/Beautiful Enchantress. The Witch will be responsible for determining the fate of 1 guest per group. When you are the hag you are there to curse them. You are creepy, and overwhelmingly twisted. If you will not be cursing them, you taunt them, then remove the mask with an air of slight sarcasm and twisted humor. 


Vignette 2 (Dialogue):

  • Jean-Baptiste Duhamel (20-40) - Duhamel, a dragoon captain to King Louis XV, gathered 20,000 men responded to the appeal to hunt down the beast; the lords of the whole region took charge of the operations and this formidable army took the field on February 7th. The countryside was covered with snow and it was easy to track down the Beast.

  • Jean Charles Marc Antoine Vaumesle d’Enneval (50-60) - He and his son have killed more than twelve thousand wolves and even freed the royal forest of Eu, in Normandy, from the wolves that infested it. 

  • Jean-François - Son to Jean Charles (20-40) - Professional wolf hunter. Was captain at the regiment of Bresse in 1762, then in the regiment of Alençon. 


Vignette 3 (Dialogue):

  • Alchemist (45+) - A quirky man of science, perhaps affected by the dangerous chemicals he has been exposed to in his lifetime, he will be responsible for determining the fate of 1 guest per group.

  • François Antoine (20-40) - Officer of the Royal Bedchamber, Knight Equerry of the Royal Military Order of Saint Louis, served as Gun-Bearer to the King and Lieutenant of the Hunt under Louis XV of France, and is most notable as having pursued and slain the Beast of Gévaudan, its mate, and its whelps between 23 June and 17 October 1765, only to learn months later the attacks had begun again; they were not the only beasts.

  • Jean-Pierre Pourcher (20-40) - A peasant land owner from Julianges


Vignette 4 (Dialogue):

  • Undertaker (45+) - A man with an air of morbidity about him. To him, Death is just another part of life, and not worth wasting the effort to soften the blow.

  • Apprentice (20s) - Though not as hard-hearted as his master, the Apprentice is still a bit cold and business-like.


Vignette 5 (Dialogue):

  • Jean Chastel (40-60) - Was a farmer and inn-keeper from the province of Gévaudan in France, noted for killing the Beast of Gévaudan on June 19, 1767 at Mont Mouchet.

  • Magistrate (45+) - Pompous with a pinch of arrogance. He wields his power fairly, but is quite protective of his status and position. He never forgets to serve his own desires first.

  • Magistrate's Wife (45+) - She plays the part of the dutiful wife well, but is burdened by a terrible secret.




What about COVID-19?

Excellent question… This show is somewhat unique. Though it was not intentional, this event fits within the Restore Illinois Phase 4 guidelines.

  • The show is staged outside, allowing for adequate physical distancing.

  • The cast will be split up across several vignettes.

  • Each vignette will only have 15 or fewer people (guests and actors) together at a time. 

  • Rehearsals will also be scheduled so only a minimal number of cast will need to be present. 

  • Use of indoor space will be minimal.

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