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Cast List


Director:  Jeff Schneider 

Assistant Director: Josh Hedding-Hess


The Beast of Gévaudan is both a story and a game played out with an audience of 10 guests at a time. Set in 18th century France, guests will be guided through several outdoor vignettes, where characters from the local village will tell about their encounters with the Beast, how the attacks have affected their lives, history from the region, and ultimately learn the dark secret being kept by members of the village. 
While the story of
The Beast of Gévaudan is playing out before them, guests must also solve a mystery. With gameplay based on the party game Werewolf (aka Mafia), they must figure out who within their own group are secretly werewolves, or risk becoming a victim themselves. Of course, there is also the possibility that they ARE a werewolf, and must do their best to stay alive before they are found out!
Congratulations to the cast of
The Beast of Gévaudan! Information has already been sent out to you through email. We're looking forward to seeing everyone and excited to start telling the tale of the beast!

Please Note: Following the updated Health Department recommendations, the KVTA Board of Directors has decided that effective immediately, masks should be worn by anyone entering the KVTA Studios, regardless of vaccine status. Please arrive at rehearsal with a mask on. 


  • Clément Charles de L'Averdy - Dana James

  • Louise Phélypeaux, Countess of Saint Florentin - Molly Kennedy

  • Madame Fournier from Saint privat du Fau - Julie George

  • Marie-Jeanne Vallet - Jordyn Ward


  • Lille - Lily James

  • Beatrice  -  Maddy James

  • Frédérica  -  Heather Crooks

  • Geraldine  -  Shannon Whitson


  • Father - Zac Stephens

  • Mother - Courtney Stephens

  • Daughter - Gabrielle Ponton


  • Serafina Thorngage - Rozy Labriola

Vignette 1:

  • Janne Boulet - Madison Winters

  • Monsieur Boulet - Bill Shapauski

  • Mademoiselle Boulet - Nicole Klimzak

  • Witch/Enchantress - Kim Hall

Vignette 2: 

  • Jean Charles Marc Antoine Vaumesle d’Enneval - Andy Stephens

  • Jean-François-Son to Jean Charles - Brian McGarey

Vignette 3:    

  • Alchemist - 

  • François Antoine - Dakota Gordon

  • Marguirete Denty - Danette Guest 

Vignette 4:

  • Undertaker - David Prussner
    Apprentice - Jace Hunt

Vignette 5:

  • Jean Chastel - Rob Musgrave

  • Magistrate - Randy Fisher

  • Magistrate's Wife - Natalie Beckman

Questions? Please contact the director at:


LOCATION: Outdoor space behind the KVTA Studios, 1 Stuart Dr., Kankakee, IL 60901


  • Friday, October 22, 7:00-10:00pm

  • Saturday, October 23, 7:00-10:00pm

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