Shrek the Musical Cast List

First and foremost we would like to thank all 67 individuals who auditioned for Shrek.  You all did a great job. If you would be interested in working back stage please let us know.   

The staff of Shrek is very pleased to announce our amazing cast.  
Shrek - Logan Edris
Fiona - Jenna Dickey
Donkey - Wes Taylor
Farquaad - Kyle Cassady
Young Shrek - Evan O'Connor
Papa Ogre - Chad Ozee
Mama Ogre - Chelsea McKay
Captain of the Guard - Joel Knapper
Gingy - - Rebecca Lowery
Pinocchio - Nicholas Adams
Thelonius - Don Parkison
King Harold - Joel Knapper
Queen Lillian - Cindi Hannay
Young Fiona - Gianna Kohl
Teen Fiona - Caitlyn Ozee
Dragon - Deena Cassady
Wolf - Jarrid Norden
Pig 1 - Dylan Harris
Pig 2 - Don Parkison
Pig 3 - Chad Ozee
White Rabbit - Matt Hess
Fairy Godmother - Aubrey LaLuna
Peter Pan - Josh Hedding
Ugly Duckling - Morgan O'Connor
Sugar Plum Fairy - Ellie Nighswander
Mad Hatter - Amanda Winkle
Witch - Chelsea McKay
Mama Bear - RoseAnn Labriola
Papa Bear - Randy Fisher
Baby Bear - Thomas Musgrave
Elf - Louis Wood
Duloc Greeter - Dylan Harris
Duloc Dancer - Celeste Hannay
Duloc Dancer - Aubrey LaLuna
Duloc Dancer - Ellie Nighswander
Duloc Dancer - Payton Kohl
Duloc Dancer - Jarrid Norden
Duloc Dancer - Matt Hess
Duloc Dancer - Josh Hedding
Duloc Dancer - Louis Wood
Duloc Dancer - Amanda Winkle
Duloc Dancer  - Morgan O'Connor
Rat - Celeste Hannay
Rat - Ellie Nighswander
Rat -Gianna Kohl
Rat -Caitlyn Ozee
Rat -Payton Kohl
Rat - Josh Hedding
Rat -Jarrid Norden
Pied Piper - Louis Wood
Blue Bird - Johanna Palomar
Blind Mice 1 - Chelsea McKay
Blind Mice 2 - Rebecca Lowery
Blind Mice 3 - RoseAnn Labriola
Bishop - Dustin Mann
Grumpy - Jarrid Norden
Travel Song Characters TBD From Cast
Fairy Tale Character TBD - Cindi Hannay
Fairy Tale Character TBD - Tricia Coffman
Fairy Tale Character TBD - Lisa Meyer
Additional Character TBD - Thomas Musgrave
Additional Character TBD - Randy Fisher
Additional Character TBD - Evan O'Connor
Additional Character TBD - Johanna Palomar
Additional Character TBD  - Dustin Mann
Fiona Double - TBD From Cast
Puppeteers TBD From Cast
Guards TBD From Cast
Knights TBD From Cast

We are thrilled with the cast we have selected.  Choices were very tough but we know the people we have cast will bring Shrek to life. Get ready for some fun in the swamp!

1. Please send an email to us to accept or decline your role.  We need to know ASAP but no later than 5 p.m. on Sunday.  Email your reply to
2. You need to make a costume fitting appointment right away.  Most of our costumes are rented and we need to get them ordered. Email Amy Senffner at   Appointments will be scheduled for Monday and Tuesday from 5-7:30 p.m.  If you cannot come anytime on those days please set a time up with Amy.  RENTAL COSTUMES HAVE TO BE ORDERED NOW.  MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT. You must schedule a time! Don't just show up.  
3. Sunday, January 19 we will have a cast meeting at the warehouse to hand out information etc.  We will begin at 2 p.m.  You will be out no later than 4 but probably earlier.

Your Shrek Staff,
Paula ,Courtney, Jill, Alyssa, Brad